Monday, January 21, 2013

Pantang Larang Selepas Bersalin (44 Days of......Torture?)

Yes, eventhough I believe I'm a modern type of girl, inside, I am very much a conservative person. There are things I do not take very lightly especially the dos and don'ts during confinement period. Since I plan to pantang at my own nest, I am very determined to make sure that I strictly follow the rules - yes, since nenek-nenek dah uzur, kenalah jaga diri sendiri, my mom pun still working so can't expect her to drop everything for me ey? So, I'll definitely be on my own this time around. Hopefully everything dipermudahkan.
Alrite, just a reminder for myself and share with you guys the list of things to do and not to do, courtesy from my neneks - although there are some of my grandma's advice that I don't take because it is proven to be against the best interest of the mommy and baby.
  1. Food, what to eat - Rice, rice porridge or pastas (only freshly cooked and still hot); fish that does not cause irritation such as ikan haruan (or better known as ikan longkang to me) which can help in healing internal and external wounds, ikan siakap, ikan bawal putih, ikan gelama and ikan tenggiri. Some says not to take chicken because it can cause irritation but I took it before and alhamdullilah nothing bad happen. Vegetables like onions, shallot, garlic, ginger, ulaman pegaga, broccoli, radish (white radish), sawi and serai. Cereal food such as oats, soy (bean curd, tempe & tofu) and bread; fruits such as apple and dates and drinks like milk, soy drinks, milo and horlicks.
  2. Food, what not to eat - seafood (prawn, crab, squid) which can cause irritation to the wound; egg which can slow the healing process and perhaps can suppurates the wound; fish that is 'berbisa' such as ikan pari, ikan sembilang/keli, ikan parang or ikan kembung; some vegetables and fruits such as cabbage, sugar cane, coconut water and grapes because they will cause 'badan sejuk' or 'berangin'.
  3. No ice or cold water please - only consume warm water/herbal tea. Please drink loads and loads of water because it's very important to avoid constipation and especially critical if you want to breastfeed your baby. There are the old school of thoughts saying that you can't drink too much water sebab takut perut kembung/tak cantik/buncit but that's not true.
  4. Not to be too active. Usually when the baby sleeps, the mommy should take a nap too to rest. The most important thing my grandma advised me is to not 'tersadung kaki' especially your thumb to avoid 'bentan'. So you'll end up relaxing doing nothing, just in case. Weeee!
  5. I love to take a shower early in the morning, wash my hair and then finish of rinsing with the warm herbal bath. It will prepare my body for the breastfeeding session and massage session. In the afternoon, I make it a point not to shower after 6 pm to avoid 'badan sejuk' or 'berangin' during the night.
  6. Get the post natal massage - paling afdal 3 days (the elderly used to say, the first day is to longgarkan semua urat, second day to keluarkan all the angin and betulkan urat, the last day as penutup); and please get the good ones, those who stays in Klang Valley, if you need one who is affordable, please give me a buzz, I'll recommend you my masseuse - she drives so it is so easy dealing with her. I took the 1 month package earlier which include massages, tungku and help with wearing the pilis, tapel and bengkung and at the end of the month, I get free scrub or lulur and mandi bunga. Yes, nak sihat dan cantik punya pasal kan? On the last day of your pantang, do another round of massage as the final closing.
  7. Everyday for 44 days, wear the pilis, tapel, bengkung and socks religiously. I wear the bengkung in the days and the corset bought from my gynea's clinic during the night because it is much easier to go to the toilet. Once I started working, I wore my Premium Beautiful corset, if you can afford it, get the whole set. Yes, it's a bit pricey but it's worth it because it has lifetime warranty (which I already used when my corset got a tear because I wore it everyday until I got to know I was pregnant again). I got mine at a much discounted price since I paid by cash. And as I may need another one, I am considering Cosry's corset, it's much more cheaper but I'm trying to get more reviews on that first (this will be in my list of things to buy of course only if bonus is like last year, or better)
  8. At the same time, please tie your hair tightly during confinement, orang tua kata so that angin meroyan tak naik. My masseuse will do this after each massage. Sakit but you'll get used to it, you feel a lot better too!
  9. No reading or watching TV or sewing or anything to do with focusing one eyes onto doing something - my grandma was very adamant about this, although I have to say I did cheat on this once or twice. I think the next round of confinement I can't really follow this rule because I'll be busy with my studies - most probable it will be around my finals.
  10. Prepare all the stuffs you need beforehand so that you don't have to ask others or go out yourself to get it. The only time I got out of house was to the hospital for my checkups and of course for baby's checkup. Stuffs like pads, nipple cream, milk storage etc.
  11. If you want to breastfeed your baby, start the pumping session asap and store the milks. I read that you can start by 14 days before you start working but I think you should start even earlier, just in case if you're the type who doesn't have high supply. You may be surprised that some mothers would lie to people about breastfeeding their own child - one mother, A actually shared in the forum that another mother, B who requested milk from A (jadi ibu susuan la kiranya) actually put A's milk (berbotol-botol la gamaknya) on B's FB and tell people that the milk was B's - how sick is that? Breastfeeding is never about competition, it's about doing it for the benefits of the baby and the mommy. It's the same in the game of golf, you know, when some people actually lied about their scores. Sheesh. In denial betul.
  12. The post pregnancy confinement is 44 days, but the husband and wife confinement is 100 days. This is of course if your husband is ok with it. Hehehe.
Ok, during confinement period, you will also need to take care of the baby. My experience is only on a baby boy so I have no idea if there are other tips on taking care of a baby girl.
  1. Please give him a bath everyday. They have been in your tummy, in water some more ok, so kesian kalau tak dimandikan (meaning lap-lap badan je, hehe).
  2. And then tuam with jintan hitam that is tied in a piece of small cloth (there are other things you can mix in the cloth but not sure what is it). Orang tua-tua kata, anak lelaki ni kena jaga betul-betul sebab takut angin pasang at his balls, boleh bengkak! - I have no idea what it means but I am not prepared to take any chances with Mik so I just followed. Hehe. Tuam perut, his back, his balls and tapak kaki.
  3. Urutkan badan dia with minyak baby - some use minyak yuyi and minyak telon but I used to massage him with baby oil that came in the Amway post natal package in my previous delivery. It's good to massage his legs, biar cepat kuat kakinya, orang kata lah.
  4. Do the tahnik, the sooner the better. We did it on our own.
  5. We have to be careful with the tali pusat yang belum jatuh, and make sure to properly wash his tummy so that it won't get infected. Once dah jatuh, store it. Later when you have other babies, keep all the tali pusat together. They say nanti adik beradik jadi close. Wallahualam.
  6. Since Mik was circumsized a week after he was born, we had to take care of that too. Thank God by 3 days, the ring has fallen off and he's all well. We plan to do the same for the baby. Maybe this time around I'll be the one with the baby during the circumcision, or maybe not hehe, Ajun was with Mik the first time so he has better experience I guess.
  7. Wear him the barut baby and then baju, seluar, booties and mittens (so that he doesn't scratch his face). And bedung the baby. Orang tua kata so that kaki dia tak 'pengka', but it helps because the baby can sleep better (it's a much better reasoning to me). Usually Mik in the morning after his bath was ok with this, but I guess because noon is quite hot for him (eventhough tido dalam aircond ye), he refuses to be bedung'ed! So sometimes dapat bedung kaki je, tangan dia dah relax keluar from the swaddle.
  8. Breastfeed him anytime he wants it, as long as he wants it. =) Mik used to feed for about an hour, some times dekat 2 jam for each session. So you need to learn how to improvise the ways of bfing your baby so that your back won't get hurt. I think I became an expert at feeding him lying sideways simply because of his demanding feeding time and well, Mama need to sleep also kan? So kena la belajar.
  9. Both of us shaved Mik's hair clean - cukur is part of the sunnah and orang tua kata bagi terang mata, or something like that. We did some research that the current practise of the majlis cukur jambul such as cutting only a few strands of hair and cecah air kelapa and all is only tradition, so we opted to not have that kind of event for Mik before. We just chose to shave his head clean and I ended up finishing it because Ajun was so slow hahaha. Takut terlukakan Mik at that time. I guess there are times when mothers are better at things =). Last time we did it quite late, but this time around we plan to do it on the third or seventh day and I have a feeling I'll be the one doing it, again. Hehe.
Ok, that's all I can think of at the moment, anyone who has other advice please feel free to share with me ya?
I'm getting bigger everyday. Huhu. And the baby is so active that sometimes when he kicks me I screamed of pain - malu weyh dalam office senyap-senyap tetiba sorang pompuan menjerit 'auuuwwww'. Haha. My lecturers (who are both male) are also very caring and of course worried looking at my big tummy. Risau terberanak dalam class kut.
31 weeks this week. Whoa. I guess it's not that far of a journey now ya?


papaYA said...

Aku rasa macam dah lengkap je.

Part circumcised tu nanti aku nak PM kau. Adik lelaki aku dua2 sunat masa baby. Dan aku nak sunatkan Kamil awal tapi dok tangguh2, Kamil dah 3 bulan lebih, dah lasak. Wan plak kurang setuju sunat awal. Dia kata kesian. aku lagi kesian nak sunat bila dia dah jadi budak.

Zaharah Izat said...

kena list down untuk ingat. hehe.

yup, boleh je, aku ngan ajun mmg dah decide even before beranak nak circumsize Mik early sbb aku tengok kakak ajun sunatkan anak2 dia senang nak jaga. lagipun sunat lambat ni mcm susah nak jaga pantang makan minum, pastu nak berkenduri kendara semua. hehehe. mak bapak aku against it sbb dia kata kesian, but bila cakap ikut sunnah, diorg follow je lah. hehe

Juju Megat Ahmad said...

hi there..

berapa charge untuk tukang urut u tu ya? i mean for 1month package.. tq. :)

Zaharah Izat said...

hi Juju,

She charges depending on where you're staying. macam i rumah dekat so dia takde lah charge transportation/minyak. where do you stay? aritu my SIL amik dia sehari dia charge 110 per day and she's staying in shah alam.

email me at if you want her contact no. k? =)

crystal wilson said...
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